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Reading List Fall 2015

Fall is awesome reading time. Oh, there's the fall housecleaning to do, all the preserving and jam-making that ought to happen, the various projects that we've put off while the sun still shone hot and afternoons were more for sipping lemonade than for sweating. But oh, sweet autumn on the horizon! It's also time for huge mugs of sweet, milky tea, cuddling under quilts, long hot baths (should you be so fortunate as to have a tub), and all of it goes better with a good book close to hand.

There are some books I'm really dying to read this fall. Some of them would have been summer reading, but I had to go on the library waitlist for them, and oh good glory, after about a month and a half, on one of them, there are still twenty-four hold requests ahead of mine. Yeah, yeah, yeah patience – how long will that take?

That one is Seveneves by Neil Stephenson. When a friend posted the opening line of the book to social media, my comment was "Wow, that's a great first line." A few hours later, I thought "wow, that really is a great first line" and went to read the sample chapter on Amazon. It is "The moon blew up without warning, and for no apparent reason." Stephenson goes on to paint a vivid and plausible image of the disintegrating moon. Go read the opening, and then find a copy at your local library or independent bookseller. It promises to be amazing.

The other book I have on hold at the library is Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson (Only one person ahead of me, the end is in sight!). Aurora is a generation ship story, along the lines of The Dazzle of Day by Molly Gloss and Ursula K LeGuin's short story Paradises Lost. I do love a good "interstellar ark" tale, as long as it doesn't devolve into the overused "horror in space" trope. Robinson's newest version of the generation ship narrative looks like it takes more of the technical challenges into account, while not forgetting that a unique culture would evolve on shipboard over the long years on an interstellar journey.

Also on my list is The Shepherd's Crown which is Sir Terry Pratchett's final book. It's the last of the Tiffany Aching series. I'm going to re-read the first three before opening it; I want it all fresh in my mind, and fall is a glorious time to read Pratchett.

From there, I have a book of short stories, The Best of Connie Willis. After hearing her presentation at the Hugos, I wanted to read her work; I'm not sure if I've come across it before. Also, The Three Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, which won the 2015 Hugo for Best Novel.

On the non-fiction pile, I've got Creative Girl: Mixed Media Techniques For An Artful Life; Green Guide for Arists; Show Your Work!; Art & Fear, and probably about at least a dozen others that would do me some creative good.

What are YOU reading this fall?

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