Stacy (young_raven) wrote,

SCA Rules: Surviving The First Encounter

At the beginning of the year, I made a plan to live by some SCA rules. They are:

  • Keep my mouth shut.

  • Do things differently.

  • Find ways to contribute.

  • Make all the things.

  • Never come empty-handed.

  • Everyone gets at least one chance to be a different person.

  • Honor the days that are.

You know that saying about plans rarely surviving first contact with the enemy? Well, no enemies (except myself; I'm really good at being my own worst), so my plans survived pretty well. I was fairly succesful at keeping my mouth shut most of the time, and honoring the days that are grew easier towards the end of the season. The rest? Mostly successful, lost of work left to do.

I was scrolling through FB tonight, and a post about an upcoming event caught my eye, one that involves a ball and dancing. I don't have the sort of very nice clothing that one might wear to a ball (and rarely have). Also, it's been a very, very long time since I enjoyed SCA dancing. It all tends to fall under the heading of "fancy stuff that other people do", not "things Rafny can do". I felt that reaction as I read the post and it got me thinking about how I've been doing things differently this year.

So far, I've taken on a job and firmly committed to seeing it through, talked to strangers, made new friends, been most excited about going to Baronial events, de-prioritized going to kingdom level events, attempted many new recipes to bring good things to share, started learning to paint scrolls...all of those are pretty different compared to before. Different and definitely good. Right now, though, I'm wondering how many bone-deep "I can't do that"s I have. Dancing, balls, ballgowns, courtly manners, and other similarly refined aspects of the current middle ages. Well, time to ponder that, methinks.

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