Stacy (young_raven) wrote,

A New Year's Intentions, Distilled

Resolution time! For 2016, I hereby resolve to: Be active. Be brave. Become.

2015 was not a good year for resolutions. I didn't gain much in the way of ground, but at least I did not lose all the progress made in 2014. For this bright new year, I will be doing much the same work, but I'm hoping that re-framing my resolutions and goals will help me to take on that work from a fresh direction.

With "Be active", my intent is to continue to ride and walk more, to make more art and more things by hand: to actively DO. There are so many things that I want to do and make that I never get around to bringing into being. That has to change because doing and making – acts of creation – bring me joy and healing, and I need both of those very much. My "active" goals are:

• Bike & walk every day
Follow DASH for Health and log calories
Make art. Make things. Make happiness!
Share art & things & happiness
Hang out with people

"Being brave" is about putting my art/projects/writing out into the world more often, in person and online via blogging and social media, but also about taking on challenges. Goals are:

Share your art and self and thoughts with the world
Blog and journal publically
Try new things
Speak up! Reach out!

"Become" is where I began when I started thinking about this new year. It was almost a one word resolution, but since I like framework (and checklists), I decided to add some structure. It's a beautiful word, ne c'est pas? My "becoming" goals are:

Become a better artist.
Become a healthier person.
Become happier with where you are and what you have.

As I work on all of these, I'll be setting weekly, monthly and seasonal goals, and keeping various lists to track my progress. Here's hoping for a busy, beautiful year!

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