Stacy (young_raven) wrote,

2016, Looking Back

I'm amused that my primary use for LJ is to blather about my New Year's resolutions. But it feels more a tad more private than Blogger - more like having a chat in the kitchen than in the living room.

Looking back at 2016, my resolutions were to be active, to be brave, and to become, and I didn't do too badly. Everything went really well through September, which was when I started dealing with having a dangerously crazy family member. That, and starting a new job took everything I had for a few months.

I was active in that I did walk and/or ride my bike almost every day, logging over 2000 miles ridden. I made more art, more things, and I was pretty good at sharing them with others.

Notable accomplishments under "being brave" include entering and winning Adiantum's A&S championship, reaching out to strangers, and getting the new job, which was one of the scariest things I've done in a while. I also tried new things like woodburning and leather burning/painting.

I became a better artist, a healthier person, and happier with where we are and what we have. And despite the challenges of the last three months, I have not lost all progress. Best of all, I'm ready to start fighting to gain ground again.
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